The Forced Deportation of Armenians from Artsakh Reminds Us Genocide against Armenians at the  Beginning of the 20th Century.

  • by Western Armenia, June 04, 2024 in Politics

The Russian-Armenian "Lazarian Club", which is  a unite  border for  politicians, experts and diplomats of the two countries, joined the  program o Lemkin Genocide Prevention Institute. 

I should mention that they are collecting signatures in Baku demanding the release of the leaders of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and other Armenian prisoners. This is stated in the message of the club.

The authors also point out the threat to the existence and cultural-historical identity of Armenian religious and cultural monuments, churches and monasteries in Artsakh.

Therefore, they announce the intention of creating a special expert group of the "Lazarian Club" to carry out monitoring for the preservation of monuments.

They are also concerned about the recorded attempts that deprive our compatriots who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh in Eastern Armenia of their citizenship and civil rights.

It is emphasized that their return to their homes, the fate of Armenian cultural, religious and monuments are an urgent but incomplete list of problems.

They express their condolences to the Armenian population of Artsakh for the tragedy, noting that it is reminiscent of the facts of the genocide against Armenians condemned by the international community at the beginning of the 20th century.