The French Senate demands to accelerate arms deliveries to Eastern Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, December 02, 2023 in Politics

The French Senate recommended studying as soon as possible the supply of CAESAR artillery systems to Eastern Armenia, taking into account the effectiveness of this technique.

According to a statement from the French Senate, Eastern Armenia recently signed an order for three GM200 radar tracking stations from Thales, and discussions are underway regarding the supply of MISTRAL 3 anti-aircraft missile systems.

The Senate also noted that 24 French Bastion armored vehicles have already been sent to Eastern Armenia, to which will be added 26 other vehicles of the same type, currently in production.

“The French authorities have initiated the supply of “defensive” weapons to Eastern Armenia. This distinction between defensive and offensive weapons is not really practical, as the war in Ukraine has shown. Let us not repeat the same mistakes and delay the provision of equipment that would have been necessary from the start. This is why we must respond quickly to all requests from the authorities of Eastern Armenia, particularly regarding their artillery needs,” declared the French Senate.