The head of the US Senate committee called on Blinken to hold Aliyev’s regime accountable for  ethnic cleansing in Artsakh.

  • by Western Armenia, December 06, 2023 in Politics

Ben Cardin,   the Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate called for  the US Secretary of State to hold  Baku leader Ilham Aliyev regime accountable for the ethnic cleansing carried out in Artsakh and  continue their US support to Armenians who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh.

This was reported by a number of news outlets citing the senator's letter to Anthony Blinken.

"I remain deeply concerned that Baku may take further military actions to achieve additional political gains, particularly with regard to the so-called Zangezur Corridor. I urge you to continue working with international partners and organizations to support the process of holding the Aliyev regime accountable for its actions," Wrote Senator Cardin in a letter to Blinken.

The senator also reminded about the siege of Artsakh by Baku, then the attack in  September 19, the homicide  of Armenians and the forced displacement of the population. In addition, the letter also  mentions about  numerous reports of extrajudicial killings of Armenians by Azerbaijan forces, the well-documented practice of destroying Armenian cultural property in areas under Baku's control, and attempts of  erasing  Armenian history and culture.

The senator directs question to the US Secretary about the  steps that  have been taken or will be taken to implement "possible war crimes and other atrocities by the Aliyev regime", to hold Azeri officials accountable, to bring them before the relevant international courts and to bring them to justice in 2023, for  the direction of supporting the Armenians  forcibly displaced during  September attack. "We need to send a clear message to those who think they can act with impunity," the senator concluded.