The “Karabakh” Declaration  Contains Elements  That are Far From the Historical Past. “Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan”

  • by Western Armenia, July 09, 2024 in Politics

On 6 July, the unofficial summit of the Turkic States Organization  adopted the so-called “Karabakh” declaration.

However, starting from its confusing  preface, it contains a distortion of historical   realities and obvious elements of one-sided assessment and evaluation of current developments. This is reported by the Pan-Armenian Union “Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan”.

Turkic countries stand in solidarity with the government and people of Baku to rebuild and restore the lands  from occupation including large-scale efforts on demining  and humanitarian demining; therefore  conditions will be formulated  for the return of hundreds of thousands former forced azerbaijan  settlers.” 

All the states that signed the declaration with such broad aspects of solidarity express solidarity on behalf of their peoples with the multiple ethnic cleansing of Armenians  Armenians throughout history in  1920, 1989, 2020.

The Union stresses that while showing concern about the “return of former forced settlers of Baku”, why do the leaders of the Turkic countries forget the ethnic cleansing that took place in Artsakh just months ago? After the war in  2020 about 120,000 Armenians in Artsakh became refugees, having the full opportunity provided by international law to realize the right of return, but facing Baku’s denial.

It seems that the Baku regime did not create a humanitarian disaster in Artsakh by blocking the Lachin Corridor for 10 months with the unconditional support of the same Turkic countries with the results of starvation and systemic violations of human rights in general. However, the above-mentioned “concerned with humanitarian issues” Baku  regime is not only used to targeting the civilian population in war situations.

They remind: in 1988 Sumgait, 1990. Baku, 1992 Maragha pogroms and massacres, the destruction of Armenian and Armenian villages and the systematic depopulation of historical Gardman, Shirvan, Nakhichevan are proof that Baku has been in an endless war with Armenians as a collective phenomenon for more than a century.

The Pan-Armenian Union “Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan” strongly criticizes the formation of such “declaratory” threats at the initiative of Baku which reminds of the ideology of pan-Turkism that experienced its failure in the last century.

And the countries that are party to the declaration are called not to become a participant in Baku’s adventure and to rely on the legal norms and principles of international law in their actions.