The Lemkin Institute Initiated a Signature…

  • by Western Armenia, May 29, 2024 in Politics

The Lemkin Institute for the Prevention of Genocide has called upon the head of Baku, Ilham Aliyev, to release all Armenian prisoners illegally held in Baku and has started a signature compiled in this regard.

"The philanthropist, philanthropist, former Minister of State of Artsakh, Ruben Vardanyan, was arrested by the government of Baku and is being held illegally along with other prominent Armenians. It's time for Baku President Ilham Aliyev to immediately release these Armenians," the message reads.

The lack of information about the health and condition of these individuals is said to be deeply concerning. "These persons were detained in clear violation of domestic and international law, including the UN and European human rights conventions, to which Baku is a party.

The conditions of their detention are deeply troubling, including inadequate contact with their families, lack of regular independent monitoring or consular access, and denial of access to local and international lawyers.

Baku  must respect international legal standards and human rights, on which peace and stability depend. Every day counts in the lives of these prisoners. Any peace agreement between Armenia and Baku  must include their release. We call on President Ilham Aliyev to immediately release all these illegally arrested persons," reads the message.