The main problem of Turkey is “Hidden Armenians”.

  • by Western Armenia, April 10, 2024 in Politics

"Hidden Armenians" are the main problem of the Turkish state. The Turkish Yeni Cag periodical writes about this, referring to the cases of conversion and identification of the so-called "hidden" Armenians in occupied Western Armenia.

"After the liturgical ceremonies held in the Holy Cross Church of Aghtamar, the "hidden Armenians" living in the region began to reveal their identity and present themselves as Christians in identity documents.

Most of them have been declaring that they are "Muslim Kurds" until now," writes the nationalist-oriented Turkish periodical, emphasizing that among these people belong the relatives of the Armenian Patriarchal Vicar of Istanbul, Archbishop Aram Ateshyan.

"The grandchildren of Aram Ateshyan's elder sister, 33-year-old Mesure Kaplan and 28-year-old Jihan Beskisiz, are also among those who publicly announced their identity.

Mesure Kaplan stated in an interview with Hurriyet. "We acted as Muslims among our Muslim neighbors and partners.

I can even say that we were more Muslim than our Muslim neighbors. However, in the family and among those who were like us, we have always tried to preserve our Armenian identity."

It means to be careful about all those who pretend to be Muslims in front of Muslims," ​​concludes Yeni Çağ. Noting that in the list of the best-selling books on the Armenian issue in Occupied Western Armenia, the book titled "Secret Armenians" occupies the first position. With such examples, the Turkish periodical tries to explain to the Turkish public what dangers can be brought by people hiding their identity in Turkey, and in this case, "Hidden Armenians".

"We want to say that those who have to hide their identity, no matter what position they hold, have a secret rebellion against the public.

Hiding one's identity leads to self-destruction. Foreign secret services identify and recruit some of them as children and try to get them what they want by appointing them to important positions within the state. It is called "cocoon" in intelligence language," writes Yeni Cag, concluding.

"There is a problem of "hidden Armenians" in Turkey. During his visit to Armenia, Hrant Dink asked his colleagues  the following question. "You are talking about 1.5 million people.  However, in the same period, about 500 thousand Armenians converted to turks. Why don't you pay attention to it?"