The people of Artsakh are suggested to return to the ․․Terrorist Organization․․Margarita Qaramyan

  • by Western Armenia, March 01, 2024 in Politics

These days, 36 years ago, during the existence of the Soviet Union, a genocide against Armenians took place in the industrial city of Sumgait, 20 kilometers from the multi-ethnic capital of Soviet azerbaijan, which has not been condemned by the world community.

Thus, the terrorist organization called azerbaijan responded to the legal rights of the Armenians of the Artsakh Autonomous Region, who exercised their right to self-determination, and announced their separation from azerbaijan and reunification with Armenia.

Moreover, the genocide was committed hundreds of kilometers away from Artsakh against people who had nothing to do with the national liberation movement. People were subjected to genocide only because they were Armenians.

In these days, the "world community", or rather, its part, the European Parliament, adopted two resolutions, warning Baku about the consequences of aggression against Yerevan.

Not a word about the right to self-determination, not a word about the genocides committed by azerbaijan, 

in Sumgait in 1988

In Baku, in 1990

In Shahumyan and Hadrut regions, in 1991 (Operation "Ring")

In Maragha, in 1992

In Talish: in 2016

In Hadrut, Shushi in 2020, in Artsakh,  in 2023.

The European Union, which admitted azerbaijan to the OSCE in January 1992 "in return for a promise not to use force against  Armenians of Artsakh and to participate in negotiations to determine the status of Artsakh", has been turning a blind eye to the fact that azerbaijan, with its fascist upbringing, has violated the international community for 34 years assumed all obligations and carried out aggression against Artsakh.

In 1994, azerbaijan lost the war to the self-defense forces of Artsakh and lost 7 regions that rightfully belong to Armenians and were transferred to azerbaijan by the Kemals and Bolsheviks.

It may be  already obvious to everyone that Azerbaijan does not care about all resolutions, appeals, threats, because it, unlike others, has understood that neither Russia, nor Europe, nor the USA go beyond words.

This is what happened in the issue of Artsakh, and most likely it will be the same in the case of Armenia.

Armenians should rely on their self-organization and prepare for the new aggression of the Russian-azerbaijani tandem. Aliyev has not yet paid Putin's debt for Artsakh and he  must complete the next task, the abolition of Armenian statehood, with the help of the Armenian authorities.

Sumgait issue continues, despite the loud statements and decisions.