The Position of the Residents of Voskevan on  Handing over  the Territory of Tavush

  • by Western Armenia, March 30, 2024 in Politics

In case if territories from the 4 villages of Tavush will be handed over to Baku 4 more communities of Tavush will be under siege, one of which is Voskevan."

Sergey Grigoryan, the administrative head of the Voskevan community, said in a conversation with journalists, adding that everyone in the community is concerned about the talk of handing over the territories, and everyone is against  that.

"If they give the road, there won't be a road from this side, they will have to build a new road from Ijevan to Kirants, but the construction of the road has not started yet, and Baku demands to hand over the lands immediately. This worries the people a lot," he said.

The head of the community emphasized that ,"We are waiting to see what will be decided.

If they decide to hand over the village, we will also struggle, we will stand next to the people of Voskepar. We will definitely join, so what should we do, to stay  in the blockade? Today they want those 4 villages, tomorrow the other 4 will demand, we will all struggle."

According to his observation, if the enemy would go to peace, he would return the lands seized from other communities of Tavush.

We have land under their control, they should give us our lands back.  For example, we have 800 hectares of land in Berkaber, which were seized by Baku and we also have lands seized by them from other communities of Tavush, from Koti, Barekamavan.