The Protests did not Stop the “Demarcation”. The Issue of Artsakh is Closed by Consensus

  • by Western Armenia, May 16, 2024 in Politics

In fact, the protests in Eastern Armenia did not stop the "demarcation" of Tavush. Yesterday, as expected, a meeting of the joint commission took place right on the border, and finally, the maps on the basis of which the "border" is drawn became known.

It is about in  1976 topographical map of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR. The office of the Prime Minister of Eastern Armenia reports that "the reproduction of the border line in these parts has been completed, agreed, signed, and the border in those parts is considered demarcated."

This is really nonsense in international relations, but in Armenia, everything is possible. Voluntariness is absolute in decision-making.

The protesters who successfully attempted to stop the process of "demarcation" in Tavush reached Yerevan, where they are also talking about the need to stop the illegal process.

But the main emphasis was shifted to the change of power in Eastern Armenia, the obviously futile impeachment procedure, and the righteous protest not only did not stop the catastrophic process of the country's collapse, but also prompted the government to act faster.

The government claims that the border was redrawn on the basis of the Alma-Ata declaration, and "the process should continue with the same logic and the same principles in other parts of the border".

It is not said which parts we are talking about, but obviously not about the occupied Armenian territories. It is easy to guess that the next one will be Tigranashen-Kyarki, who will also surrender "in accordance with the declaration of Alma Ata".

Because in reality, everything is done not with dubious maps and declarations, but according to the criminal conspiracy to hand over all the strategic points of Armenia to Baku.

The Armenian government needs the "Alma-Ata Declaration" for only one purpose: to completely close the issue of Artsakh. And judging by the fact that the protests only accelerated the implementation of the criminal conspiracy and did not present any demands to the OSCE Chairman in Yerevan regarding the Minsk Group, the Artsakh issue will be closed by "consensus" with Lavrov, Schultz, Blinken and Netanyahu as witnesses.