The reason for the conflict in the local area is not the lack of negotiations, Azerbaijan has simply provoked. Deputy Minister 

  • by Western Armenia, April 13, 2023 in Politics

According to “Armenpress”, Deputy Minister of Defense of RA Arman Sargsyan said at the session of the NA that there are competent commissions established by Armenia and Azerbaijan that deal with the issues of border demarcation. And within this framework, a comprehensive solution will be provided. But local disputes, which sometimes arise through submitted maps, other claims, are resolved on the spot. If you call it negotiation, in the form of negotiations, agreements, conversations. And there is a situation on the spot where even the commander reacts immediately and does not let a small problem turn into a big conflict. As for the April 11 incident, the deputy minister said it did not happen because of negotiations or lack of negotiations. A specific provocation took place by the Azerbaijanis.

“People came and provoked people who were just doing engineering work, as a result of which the incident occurred,” the deputy minister said.