The Republic of Western Armenia Continues the Struggle for the Rights of Artsakh and the People of Artsakh

  • by Western Armenia, March 12, 2024 in Politics

On the platform of social media were spreading the news  on  the subject that Eastern Armenia should apply to the International Court of Human Rights within the framework of the Genocide Convention against Baku. 

But instead, we hear discussions about changing the Constitution. These conversations became more active when the former ambassador of Eastern Armenia with special assignments, Edmon Marukyan, emphasized: "the mentality that Eastern Armenia will unilaterally show good will, and Baku will appreciate it and show good will itself: it did not work, it is not working and it will not work". 

"These days, the National Assembly building is being demolished in Stepanakert, that is, if Baku had a plan that Armenians should live there, it should not have been done, but Eastern Armenia does not officially respond to such phenomena," Marukyan emphasized, adding that the problem of Armenians of Artsakh  cannot be the internal affairs of Baku.

Against this background, news began to circulate in the press of Eastern Armenia that the Armenian side has agreed to fulfill another absurd demand of Baku, that is, to withdraw from all international courts the lawsuits filed against Baku.

Moreover, Baku does not give up its claims, but the elite of Eastern Armenia instructed the officials of the Armenian side to prepare applications to give up the claims against Baku.

Against these actions , Western Armenia continues to struggle for the rights of Artsakh and the people of Artsakh alone. The office of the first president of Western Armenia, Armenag Aprahamian, continues the legal proceedings regarding the material and physical damages caused to the forcibly displaced families from Artsakh.

Armenag Aprahamian continues to collect applications and necessary documents from Artsakh citizens.

Western Armenia is not afraid to declare that Artsakh has nothing to do with Baku, and the meaning of all claims is to prove that Artsakh is Armenian, and the people of Artsakh are indigenous. The Republic of Western Armenia has not been silent, will not be silent and is struggling  for the whole world to know about the problems of the people of Artsakh.