The Residents of Voskepar “kicked out” the EU Observers

  • by Western Armenia, April 15, 2024 in Politics

EU observers visited Voskepar in Eastern Armenia the other day. Moreover, they visited, by passing a number of parts of the Yerevan-Noyemberyan road and reached Voskepar through  Alaverdi.

The people of Voskepar, having learned about the visit of the observers, rushed to meet them, but when the observers said that  Ijevan-Voskepar road, and the surrounding areas, in their opinion, are as if azerbaijan territories  an argument broke out between the people of Voskepar and the EU observers.

The people of Voskepar just "threw out" the observers, saying that they will not allow that anyone that  their native land to be considered  as azerbaijan.The citizens of Voskepart had a similar conversation with the commander of the third army corps, Garegin Poghosyan, urging Poghosyan to inform   his political leadership that the residents of Voskepart will not allow them to hand over land from Tavush.