The Status Quo of Jerusalem is Being Changed 

  • by Western Armenia, April 11, 2024 in Politics

"The reason is deeper than the security of our compatriots, an attempt is being made to change the status quo of Jerusalem".

 Vahan Kostanyan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Eastern Armenia, said this in a conversation with journalists on April 11.

According to him, the Armenian Foreign Ministry, communicating with Arab countries and other partners, including on multilateral platforms, raises the issue. "We were aware of the events from the beginning of the process. We have not ignored the problem for a single second," said Kostanyan.

It should be reminded that the Armenian Patriarchate leased the "Cow Park" in the Armenian district  of Jerusalem to an Israeli company for 99 years, but then announced its decision to terminate the deal. After this, the situation between the settlers and the Armenian community escalated, which regularly escalated into clashes.