“The Strategy of Artsakh Residents’ Housing Program Encourages Emigration”. Artak Beglaryan

  • by Western Armenia, May 17, 2024 in Politics

"Yesterday, the plan to provide apartments to Artsakh residents, adopted by the government of Eastern Armenia, has a number of fundamental problems," says Artak Beglaryan, the former Minister of State of Artsakh. He points out some aspects in a post published on his Facebook page.

1. "These and all other decisions were not adopted as a result of public discussions, but the project was developed and circulated secretly, violating both domestic legislation and international principles of inclusiveness and democracy. Under our public pressure, they simulated discussions with some groups for several days in March, but those meetings with individual Artsakh residents were far from inclusive. Moreover, the authorities also completely ignored the continuous willingness of the representatives of the initiative to ensure the needs of the people of Artsakh to support the development of the project.

2. It is obvious that the government of Eastern Armenia makes decisions regarding the people of Artsakh without a strategy, and more precisely, there are a number of grounds to claim that the existing strategy is to promote emigration and close Artsakh's page once and for all.

3. The approved program has fundamental problems in terms of the chosen approaches, which will not solve either the issue of preserving the theme of the collective return of the Artsakh people, the humanitarian problems of the majority of displaced persons, or the demographic problems of the Republic of Armenia. I will express my opinion in more detail in the coming days, when I manage to study and analyze the published materials more deeply," Artak Beglaryan wrote.