The Thoughts Voiced by the Dictator of Baku are Opposed to Progressive Thoughts  and Universal values.

  • by Western Armenia, June 25, 2024 in Politics

The Head of Baku continues to distort the reality and   appear in the desired civilized light to the international community.

With the theme  “Road to COP29 sustainable and continuous future”, the leader of Baku  in the address to the participants of the 29th high-level meeting  he noted that he is  guided by “philosophical thoughts, progressive ideas, universal values ​​and principles of Baku genius poet and thinker Nizami Ganavi”.

Meanwhile, the “Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan” pan-Armenian union notes that, as in many other cases, some questions arise now.

Especially the question  is whether  Nizami Ganavi  is “azerbaijani” poet and can the international center created under the president of Baku be guided by “advanced ideas, universal values ​​and principles?”

The Union writes that the Persian poet Nizami Gyanjevi, who was born in the city of Gandzak and wrote exclusively in the  Persian language  throughout his creative life, only in 1938 with the efforts of the Soviet government “turned into a brilliant azerbaijani poet” as it was necessary for Baku  State to “invent” a historical past, with the presence of relevant political and cultural figures.

Otherwise, it became impossible to “prove” the existence of the State of  azerbaijan in the past, which was on the agenda.As  “Neither the Soviet central government nor the nationalist elite of Soviet Azerbaijan were ready to admit that the state of Azerbaijan that it was created only in 1918 without a certain level of ethnic self-awareness of the population,”says  the article. An organization based on misrepresentation, which was created, instigated at least three wars, glorified the ax murderer who killed  sleeping Armenian while sleeping, made a humanitarian disaster with more than 120 thousand ethnic Armenians a carried out ethnic cleansing , can be guided by “advanced ideas, universal values ​​and principles” and “offer new approaches to the solution of current problems of the global agenda”.

Therefore, the ideas voiced by the dictator of Baku are diametrically opposed to the reality in which the region has been living for several decades.

The Pan-Armenian Union strongly condemns the destructive statements

   and calls upon the international community and all individuals and organizations that cooperated and cooperate with the above-mentioned center pursue the principles and norms of international justice not to be a participant in the crime  which is authored by the dictator of Baku in both domestic and foreign policy.