The Turkish Minister Informed about the Opening Date of “Zangezur Corridor”.

  • by Western Armenia, May 20, 2024 in Politics

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of Ankara, Abdulkadir Uraloglu, in an interview on the TV channel TGRT Haber, mentioned the opening date of the so-called "Zangezur Corridor".

"What we call the Zangezur Corridor is a project that starts from Baku, crosses the border of Armenia or Iran, then passes through Nakhichevan, goes to Diluju, Igdir and Kars, and then connects to the Sivas line. Construction works continue on the highway and railway on the border with Armenia.

We know the statements of the Armenian side, including the Prime Minister, but we have no direct contact. Baku is conducting closer negotiations with them. I know that they are also negotiating with Iran. It has reached a certain point.In the near future, a decision will be made whether the corridor will pass through Armenia or Iran. It is a project that will connect us directly with the Turkic world," Uraloglu said. According to him, the project he mentioned will be completed in 2028-2029.

"There is a line on the side of the hotel. First of all, it (the "corridor") will be improved, and then it will be rebuilt. Tenders have been held, but if we start today, it will take about 5 years. Probably, we will see that this line will work in 2028-2029," said the Turkish minister.