The US Congressman was Charged with Receiving a Bribe from Baku. Damning Statement

  • by Western Armenia, June 03, 2024 in Politics

The US congressman and his wife have been charged with accepting a bribe of about 600,000 dollars from Baku. This is evidenced by the guilty verdict of the Texas federal court.

According to the case materials, the congressman and his wife from Baku state oil and gas company SOCAR in 2014. from December to 2021 in the period between November, they received money in the form of bribes, which was fully controlled by the government of Baku.

And the money was transferred for the provision of consulting services.According to the statement of the US Department of Justice, in exchange for the money, the congressman allegedly agreed to use his position to influence US foreign policy in favor of Baku. The American lawmaker and his wife were charged with a number of articles.

If found guilty, they face many years in prison. However, the court decided to release them on $100,000 bail.

The Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan Pan-Armenian Union condemns the congressman's materialistic approaches.

Directly blaming and holding Baku accountable for its unjust and hypocritical actions already seems out of date, because no crime committed in recent years, be it ethnic cleansing or arbitrary abduction, has been punished with proper and necessary consequences.

Therefore, similar attempts to spread one's own interests in America cannot and should not deserve the silence and indifference of the international community.