There is a desire to expand the mandate and funds of the EU mission, as well as to support Armenia through the European Peace Fund. Colonna

  • by Western Armenia, November 13, 2023 in Politics

Ahead of the meeting of the EU Council of Foreign Ministers in Brussels on November 13, ministers from several member states held a briefing during which they underlined the importance of peace in the Caucasus. South, stressed the importance of supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Armenia, and expressed hope that these concepts will find their clear expression at the Council meeting. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said that the conflict between Armenia and Baku, which has lasted for more than thirty years, is also a central issue for Europe.

“Especially in the most difficult geopolitical period, everyone has the same interest in ensuring peace and security for everyone in the region,” Baerbock said, adding that he recently visited the region and he was convinced that it was worth strengthening joint efforts to support the peace process. The German Foreign Minister stressed the importance of the European presence in the region and stressed that if the EU is not there, the vacuum will very quickly be filled by other actors. “The European platform is the platform that protects real security, real trust and real peace in the region,” concluded Annalena Baerbock.

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna considered it important that the EU Foreign Relations Council clearly confirms its support for Armenia, that is to say its support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the 'Armenia. She stressed that there is a desire to expand the mandate and resources of the EU mission, as well as to support Armenia through the European Peace Fund. “I think this is a message that it would be appropriate for our board of directors to convey clearly and firmly today. It is time to do it. We have been talking about it for several weeks,” declared the French Minister of Affairs foreign.

Latvian Foreign Minister Krishjanis Karish also said in his speech that Europe must make its contribution so that Armenia and Baku finally reach a peaceful solution. "I believe it is possible. Especially if the weight of the European Union is behind it," Karish said. Spanish Foreign Minister Albarez Bueno also briefly discussed relations between Armenia and Baku, emphasizing that Europe should make every effort to stabilize the situation and ensure peace in the South Caucasus, and also the serious situation created in Artsakh, then to offer support and stability to Armenia.