There is an increase in violence against the Armenian community in Jerusalem. France 24

  • by Western Armenia, December 02, 2023 in Politics

France 24 covered the situation in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City in a detailed article, writing that Jerusalem's far right, terrorizing the local Armenian community, is trying to force the sale of part of the Armenian Quarter.

According to the article, there is an increase in violence against the Armenian community, and some members of the Armenian community have stated that they feel less and less safe in addition to the issue of land buybacks. France24 reports that despite the intimidation, members of the Armenian community say they want to continue to mobilize against the construction of the hotel through sit-ins and demonstrations. For several weeks, the Armenian community opposed to the project has been the victim of intimidation by the new owners.

In just a few months, this Jerusalem parking lot has become the center of a political controversy," writes France24, emphasizing that this area at the entrance to the old city represents 25% of the Armenian quarter. However, in 2021, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the religious authorities of the Armenian community, have decided to sell several buildings to a businessman under a 99-year lease.

The Armenian quarter of Jerusalem has a special status, it has been Armenian land for thousands of years from Western Armenia. This land was liberated by the Legion of the Orient in 1918, it was transferred under French and British mandate in 1920 for the protection of civilian populations following the signing of the Treaty of Sèvres. Western Armenia calls on Armenians around the world to stand with it to defend every part of our homeland and our rights.