Today is the 103rd anniversary of the Woodrow Wilson arbitration award

  • by Western Armenia, November 21, 2023 in Politics

Today, the name of the 28th president of the USA, politician and statesman, academician Woodrow Wilson is known to all Armenians, both in Armenia and abroad. November 22 marks the 103rd anniversary of the adoption of US President Woodrow Wilson's arbitration ruling or the Wilson Arbitration Agreement on the border between Armenia and Turkey.

In 1920 On August 10, the Treaty of Sevres was signed, which the Armenian people had been waiting for a long time and had high hopes for. According to the San-Remo Conference and Articles 89-90 of the Treaty of Sèvres, regarding the decision of the border between Armenia and Turkey, the 28th President of the USA, Woodrow Wilson, in 1920 on November 22 presents his Arbitration decision on the Turkish-Armenian border demarcation in the provinces of Karin, Trabizon, Van and Bitlis, by which the total territory of Armenia should have been more than 160 thousand square meters. km The arbitral award is final and binding. It has no time limit, and its status does not depend on the future fate of the judgment. The Wilson arbitral award is binding on all claimants currently located in the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.