Turkey, Will Participate in the Gaza on  Genocide Case 

  • by Western Armenia, May 02, 2024 in Politics

Turkey, which committed genocide against Armenians and denies this fact, decided to participate in the case of genocide in the Gaza Strip, which was initiated in the International Court of Justice based on South Africa's lawsuit against Israel.

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan expressed hope that due  to this step, the process in the International Court will go in the right direction.

According to Turkish media, Fidan noted that Turkey's efforts to join the judicial process have been ongoing for a long time. He added that Ankara will soon complete the legal procedures to participate in the process.

Fidan noted that Turkey will continue to cooperate with "all friendly and allied" states on further steps in this matter, including the joining of new countries to the process.

Occupying Turkey is a kingdom of crooked mirrors, whose leaders, looking in those mirrors, are pleased with themselves and call others to live in the world of such crooked mirrors.