Voskanyan Explains the Place Names

  • by Western Armenia, March 22, 2024 in Politics

Iranologist Vardan Voskanyan writes on his Facebook page:"What if the names of the villages are "Azerbaijanian names "  like  Baghanis-Ayrum, Ashaghi Askipara, etc.

So, "Ayrum" is a well-known generic name,

and the representatives of that tribe appeared in the unified Armenian historical and cultural area of ​​Baghanis very late during their wanderings from summer house to winter house.The word "Ashaghi" is  translated from azerbaijan  and means "internal", and Askipara (as a result of transliteration, also Aksipara) is the version of the Armenian Voskepar, distorted in the azerbaijani language. So it means that it is Nerqin Voskepar, a part of the historical and cultural Armenian territory of the same Voskepar,where the later ..ayrums..again appeared.