We are the generation of independence, we do not intend to leave Artsakh. Armen Mangasaryan

  • by Western Armenia, July 13, 2023 in Politics

In the conditions of blockade, under siege, in Stepanakert the initiative "we-our-mountains" was launched:

Armen Mangasaryan, the head of the program, told Alpha News about the plans of the initiative, noting that both in the capital Stepanakert and in the districts everyone is of the same opinion: the struggle of Artsakh residents has no alternative.

According to Mangasaryan, no one even intends to leave Artsakh, there is a generation of independence in Artsakh.

"We were born in an independent, free, strong country, accordingly we will do our best to change the situation.

If we give up Artsakh, the next will be Armenia and Syunik, because the enemy is insatiable.

Appetite comes during the meal.

Currently there are about 30,000 children and 20,000 pensioners.

The 120,000 residents are mostly emphasized, but I would like not to separate the IDPs from Artsakh 2020, who were deprived of the opportunity to return to their homes due to the closure of Berdzor.

The blockade has affected 120,000 residents of Artsakh, also about 20,000 IDPs cannot return to their homeland."