“We Exist” Social Organization  Applied to  International Structures

  • by Western Armenia, April 12, 2024 in Politics

The "We Exist" initiative of Artsakh residents appealed to the International Red Cross organization and a number of other international structures.

"Our demand from the UN, the OSCE, the EU, the Council of Europe and other organizations is to stand up for their  declared values ​​and protect the rights of the native people of Artsakh.

Create monitoring missions, send observation groups, open representative offices in Stepanakert. 

It is noted that the withdrawal of the International Committee of the Red Cross from Artsakh is another link in the chain of violation of the rights of the indigenous people of Artsakh by international organizations.

"We Exist" initiative appeals to international structures with one question: to whom do you leave the protection of monuments, churches, cultural monuments, graves, and property. 

Baku continues to consistently destroy Armenian heritage to prevent Armenians from returning to their homeland. With their criminal silence, all international structures become participants in the process of depriving us from  our homeland," was said in the massage.