When Did the UN Recognize Artsakh as a “terrorist entity”? Unacceptable  Wording

  • by Western Armenia, May 11, 2024 in Politics

The UN Committee on Torture issued a statement regarding human rights violations during the Artsakh war, citing numerous cases of torture, extrajudicial killings and illegal detention of ethnic Armenians.

But a public statement said the UN committee was "concerned about the alleged extrajudicial killings, torture and ill-treatment of ethnic Armenians during armed conflicts and counter-terrorism operations".

What does the UN committee call a "counter-terrorism operation"? And when did the United Nations recognize the people of Artsakh and the Armed Forces as "terrorist organizations" against which they call the aggression an "anti-terrorist operation?"

Such formulations of the UN only encourage Baku to carry out new acts of terrorism and torture.