Who “guards” Kapan?

  • by Western Armenia, February 19, 2024 in Politics

The media of Eastern Armenia writes that the President of Iran met the Armenian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan

allegedly "warned" that Tehran will not approve the decision of Eastern Armenia to withdraw Russian troops and replace them by a Western security system.

There is no doubt that Iran does not want that Western troops be appeared  in the region, especially near the Armenian-Iranian border.

But it is obvious that Iran would more  like not  to see Russian troops there.

And in this context, it is obvious that the "thesis" of Iran's disagreement with the withdrawal of Russian troops was introduced by Moscow.

In fact, in Iran, unlike many Armenian circles, they clearly see that the Russian troops are acting together with the Turkish troops, using Baku as a tool.

According to the international media, Baku did not reprimand Israel for its actions in Gaza, despite Islamic solidarity.

Iran sees Erdogan making dramatic statements against Israel to justify himself, while Baku continues to supply Israel with oil and much more.

Russia continues its presence in Artsakh, and under the gaze of the Russian-Turkish center located in Akna, Israel, together with Baku, turns the occupied Karabakh territories bordering Iran into an anti-Iran springboard.

Why should Iran want Russian troops to be in Armenia after this?

In addition, Iran is doing everything to show that only the presence of Tehran restrains the forces that want to occupy the south of Armenia.

Yesterday, the Consul General of Iran in Kapan, Mortaza Abedin Karami, said in an interview to NEWS.am. "I well remember the opening day of the Iranian consulate in Kapan. Compared to that day, people in Kapan feel calmer.

The situation has changed by 180 degrees." This is the real assessment of the Russian troops "guarding" the Armenian-Iranian border.