Why India cannot recognize the genocide committed against Armenians: Kapil Komireddy

  • by Western Armenia, December 19, 2023 in Politics

Indian writer and publicist Kapil Komireddy, in The Morning Context, "Why can't India recognize the Armenian Genocide? Turkey does not hesitate to insult New Delhi" published an article.

Komireddy writes that in the 20th century, Ottoman Turkey initiated a long-term operation to massacre an entire people.

Its thoroughness, foreshadowing the bloodiest century in human history, led the eminent Polish Jewish jurist Raphael Lemkin to coin the term "genocide" and enshrine it as a crime in international law.

Thirty-four countries remember the genocide against Armenians every year. India is not among them.

Russia and the United States, effectively are in war in Ukraine, briefly unite to deplore the  murder of over 2 million Armenians by Imperial Turkey, then forget.

The world's most populous democracy, India, will however keep its mouth shut so as not to anger the genocide deniers in Ankara.

Let's remind that Kapil Komireddy is the same Indian journalist who referred to Islamized Armenians.