Why the expulsion of Armenians from Artsakh may not put an end to Baku’s ambitions. CNN

  • by Western Armenia, December 27, 2023 in Politics

 Baku is  worried that ethnic nationalism and promises of territorial reunification will find new targets.

And Armenia is trying to accept more than 100,000 refugees, many of them  say they cannot adapt to their new lives,reported  CNN.

Nona Poghosyan a refugee  fled from Stepanakert with her husband, twins  and  parents. They rented a small apartment in Yerevan. Poghosyan said that his thoughts are still in Artsakh.

"I just want to know what is happening in Stepanakert. What happened to my house? I am jealous those who breathes the air there," he told it  CNN. Aliyev said the houses were left intact, but videos on social media showed the Azerbaijan military vandalize 

 them...Diplomacy can be ineffective again. Analysts point to Baku's growing military presence...The Armenians of Artsakh have always known that they are at the center of the conflict between the great  Power States.

 But after 30 years of  peace, they didn't expect things to fall apart so quickly...

"I understand the circumstances  that this is a big game, in which Russia and Turkey are  participating and  Baku is a player in the midst of all this. Armenia is too weak to resist. I understand it globally," said Poghosyan. "But all those at the level of 100,000 people it's a tragedy."