Years of  451,1920, 2020

  • by Western Armenia, May 29, 2024 in Politics

Western Armenia TV continues  the subject  "The Phenomenon of the Already Seen:  Years 451,1920, 2020", where our correspondent presents our national conflicts.

In 1920, the Turkish-Armenian war took place, which ended with the defeat of the Armenian side.

Observing the events, you come to two conclusions: the Armenian side believed too much in the Treaty of Sèvres (thinking that either the Kemal Turks will obey the treaty imposed by the West, or else the bloodthirsty West will abandon its affairs and rush to protect our interests). , and overestimated their military capabilities.

Kyazim Karabekir's troops forced us to sign the treaty of Alexanderpol (which was occupied by the turks) in two months.

During the Moscow Treaty of 1921, the Bolsheviks actually secured only part of the Turkish victory, drawing the border of Soviet Armenia along the Akhuryan and Arakhs rivers.

Now we like to say that the Bolsheviks "betrayed" us. But it ignores an important fact. In Moscow, the Bolsheviks managed to force the Turks out of Alexandropol (now Gyumri) and the Shirak-Pambak region, which significantly increased the territory of Armenia.

The Bolsheviks also fixed Lori, disputed with Georgia, as part of Armenia. One can say: OK, why didn't they exert more pressure and demand Kars back from the Turks?

Maybe the Bolsheviks didn't do it because by 1921, Soviet Russia was exhausted from the devastating civil war and was not ready to start a new war with the Kemals just for the sake of the Armenians.

Let's be happy that at least we brought Gyumri back. The defeat of 1920 was not caused by another "betrayal", but by the fact that the first republic was a failed state with a weak army, a population slaughtered by typhus, and Armenian diplomacy once again failed to distinguish dreams from reality (just as Mamikonian diplomacy failed in 451).