Years of 451,1920, 2020 in Armenia 

  • by Western Armenia, May 30, 2024 in Politics

"Western Armenia TV" continues the essay "The Phenomenon of the Already Seen: the years of 451,1920, 2020", where our correspondent presents our national conflicts


 continued the war and even won, so we were betrayed.

Then some will say, let's put the dream aside and look at the objective reality. The enemy managed to capture six districts in just six weeks. In other words, we lost one lap every week.

How long would it take to lose the remaining four regions? four weeks? Well, let's say the weather were to turn bad, let's say it took eight weeks instead of four weeks. Okay, but then?

The most astonishing of the events of this war is the following. Azerbaijanis were able to cross 40 km from Hadrut to Shushi on narrow roads and paths.

Narrow valleys, where one could set traps and kill the attacking force in mountainous and forest conditions. Despite this, the enemy passed without serious resistance. This means only one thing. Armenian resistance was already broken at the end of October.

Now they will say: but we were still resisting in Karmir Shuka, we were resisting in Martakert. Yes, but for effective defense it is not enough to resist at one or two points, you must be able to resist along the entire front. By the end of October, it was no longer working.

If we look at the huge technical losses of the Armenian side (340+ armored vehicles, 300+ artillery systems, etc.), one thing becomes clear: as of November 9, we could no longer have a serious resistance force in Artsakh, because if at the beginning of the war the relationship between our and the enemy's armament It was 1:3, then by November it was 1:10 or worse.

Some will say: "Why didn't they organize the resistance better, why didn't they bring troops from Armenia?" And they will rightly say that this is a very important issue that should be studied in detail and lessons learned. But, regardless of whether they didn't send help because of objective reasons or because of incompetence (probably the latter), the fact remains that we couldn't organize resistance."

Some will say that this is the objective reality of November 9, others will ask, but who decided to give the Karvajar region to Baku, to the extent that on November 8.The  President Armenag Aprahamian saw with his own eyes how the entire region was transferred to azerbaijan without a single strike, not forgetting the transfer of military equipment worth billions of drams from Artsakh to azerbaijan by the Artsakh authorities in September 2023.