Yeghishe Kirakosyan Countered the Representative of Baku

  • by Western Armenia, April 25, 2024 in Politics

The ECtHR and the UN have never resulted  that Armenia ever  occupied Artsakh.

The International Court of Justice examined Baku's claim against Yerevan. Yeghishe Kirakosyan, the representative of Eastern Armenia, referred to the criticism voiced by Baku on his statement denying the alleged occupation of azerbaijani territory by Eastern Armenia.

"The representative of Baku insisted that Eastern Armenia denies its invasion and the oppressive response of the international community to the occupation, by which the latter rejects the illusion of self-determination created by Armenia to serve its own interests.

Baku greatly emphasizes the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights, according to which Armenia had jurisdiction over Artsakh under the first part of the European Convention.

Baku, however, ignores the fact that the decision of jurisdiction by the court, according to the precedent practice of the court, cannot be equated with the standard of recording the responsibility of the state for an international violation," said the representative of Eastern Armenia on international legal issues.

Kirakosyan clarified that the European Court has never ruled that Armenia occupied Artsakh, and the same can be said about the resolutions of the UN Security Council, which refer to the Artsakh conflict and which were misrepresented by Azerbaijan's representative and lawyers.

"The Security Council called on Armenia to continue and exert its influence to ensure the fulfillment of the norms by the Armenians of Artsakh, but never mentioned that Armenia is an occupying state, let alone an aggressor, but instead referred to the local Armenian forces, calling on the conflicting parties to immediately resume negotiations for conflict resolution within the framework of the Minsk Group peace process.

This is exactly what the authorities of Armenia and Artsakh have done. Baku, on the contrary, as President Aliyev said, unilaterally decided that war is inevitable and the Minsk Group is dead. According to President Aliyev, it was Baku that started the second Karabakh war, which the representative of Baku did not try to deny yesterday," explained Kirakosyan.