Yerevan Urges  Baku not to Distort the Historical Facts

  • by Western Armenia, June 21, 2024 in Politics

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports officially denies the publications in various media platforms of Baku.

as if the   repair and restoration works of immovable monuments of Armenian history and culture located in the demarcation areas between Eastern Armenia and Baku 

are aimed at eliminating “aghvanian traces”.

“Such information is an obvious lie, another manifestation of Baku’s manipulative policy of falsifying historical facts,” states the message.

The ministry has published the list of churches that are being renovated or will be renovated.

The church of Kirants village in Tavush region  was built in the 19th century from local rough stone and is a three-nave basilica Armenian church.

The record  in the upper part of the window of the southern depository confirming the fact of being Armenian has been preserved.

The central dome church of Voskepar, in Tavush region, was built in the 7th century.

It belongs to the “master-type” structures of early medieval Armenian church architecture.

The early medieval church of Voskepar underwent major repairs in 1975-1977, but due to the infiltration of moisture caused by atmospheric precipitation, the roof coverings of the church were destroyed, and the roof beams were damaged.

The early Christian temple of Yereruyk, of Shirak region, which was also targeted by Baku’s information propaganda and falsely presented as a turkish monument, is included in UNESCO’s preliminary list of World Cultural Heritage and Europa Nostra’s list of the most endangered cultural monuments.

The department urges the relevant circles of Baku not to distort the historical facts, as well as to ensure the preservation of the Armenian historical and cultural monuments under the control of Baku: particularly ensuring the visits of the international observation mission for the purpose of monitoring the Armenian monuments in the territory of Artsakh.