The Excavations in Shengavit will Focus on the Discovery of the Temple Complex

  • by Western Armenia, April 20, 2021 in Science

Excavations will be carried out at the Shengavit Early Bronze Age monument in September or October, 2021. The excavations will focus on the discovery of the temple.

Hakob Simonyan, the head of the Shengavit Archaeological Expedition, told Armenpress that the book "Shengavit" summarizing the results of the joint excavations carried out by the Armenian-American expedition will be published in the spring of 2022, which will also include the results of 2021.

"This is a very serious book that will be published in the United States. The Armenian version will be published in Yerevan. "Shengavit’’ will be one of the most important books on archeology, which will have a serious significance in the internationalization of Armenian archeology," the archeologist stressed.

He emphasized that Shengavit was, is and will remain the most key monument of Armenia. "The excavations in Shengavit are exceptional. The basis and purpose of the new excavations is the discovery of the temple complex," Simonyan said.

The leader of the expedition reminded that there was a very developed industry in Shengavit. Districts of metallurgists, farmers and other craftsmen were there.