UNESCO will send a mission to RA to provide educational support to those forcibly displaced from Artsakh

  • by Western Armenia, October 05, 2023 in Science

At Armenia's request, UNESCO will send an emergency mission to Yerevan in the coming days to provide educational support to those forcibly displaced from Artsakh. The support will be aimed at ensuring continuity of education and providing psychosocial assistance to displaced students. "UNESCO" issued a message about this. The text says that in recent days more than 100 thousand people were forcibly displaced from Artsakh, coming to Armenia. About a third of them are children and teenagers.

"On Monday, October 2, Armenia formally appealed to UNESCO to assist these population groups in receiving and providing aid within the framework of the organization's mandate in the field of education. UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay immediately responded to this request. In the coming days, UNESCO will send a team of experts to Yerevan to work on a joint action plan with the national authorities and to ensure the continuity of the education of the displaced students," the message says.