10 children among  of the forcibly displaced from Artsakh are currently in the care center. Narek Mkrtchyan 

  • by Western Armenia, December 29, 2023 in Society

10 children who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh and left without parental care and now are currently under the care of the care institution of Eastern Armenia.

Narek Mkrtchyan, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Eastern Armenia, disclosed the information during the year-end press conference at the Humanitarian Center.

In addition, more than 90 single elderly people who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh are also in care institutions, who, as the minister assures, receive all the services that are available to the citizens of Eastern Armenia.

As for people with disabilities who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh, according to Mkrtchyan, those who will apply for an examination for the first time will undergo a new procedure in Eastern Armenia, that is, functional assessment.

"Those who do not apply for the first time, will undergo the examination again in the prescribed manner, through the existing examination procedure, will receive an appropriate instruction, after which they will receive appropriate support equipment: wheelchairs, walkers, orthoses, prostheses, etc., through organizations certified by the Ministry." emphasized the minister.

It is worth mentioning that  on September 19, Baku launched a large-scale attack against Artsakh. According to information, the number of victims of Azerbaijani aggression exceeds 220.

On September 20, the Artsakh government accepted the proposal for a ceasefire. On September 21, representatives of Stepanakert and Baku met in Evlakh, on September 25 in Ivanyan, on September 29 again in Evlakh. On September 24, the forced displacement of Artsakh residents began.

According to the latest data, 101,848 people who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh in Eastern Armenia were registered and identified.