11-year-old Karlen was injured by the fire of an Azerbaijan while  ambushed near the monument ..Tatik Papik..

  • by Western Armenia, February 20, 2024 in Society

After the five-day siege, the Martakert-Drmbon-Stepanakert inter-district road was opened on September 23 for the evacuation of the population of the internal sub-region of Martakert.

A resident from the village Aghabekalanj Irina Aghabekyan talked with the MediaHub news agency about that period.

His family also suffered during the September aggression. Before moving to Eastern Armenia, the residents were  evacuated from the regions, including Irina's family. For several days they stayed at the Ivanyan airport, and then at the "Armenia" hotel in Stepanakert. 

However, Irina's difficulties doubled when, after the ceasefire, her son, 11-year-old Karlen Soghomyan, was injured in Stepanakert.

"My father fell ill in Renaissance Square. There was no doctor to help me, I was in a desperate situation. At that time, Karlen was riding a bicycle in the square.

He tries to help without wasting time.

He noticed Red Cross car passing through the central avenue of Stepanakert.

He drove the bicycle behind the car to inform the Red Cross employees to come to help.By bicycle he reached till the monument ..Tatik Papik..

At the moment of making a turn, two Azerbaijani cars parked near the monument fired at the child and  the bullet hit the  leg," he says.

According to his mother, after being shot, Karlen only felt heat on his leg at first, then he noticed that blood was flowing.

The child had to reach  the hotel area in that bad condition. A man bandaged Karlen's leg in the hotel. He bled all night, there was no doctor.

On September 29, it was Irina's turn to leave Artsakh. Arriving from Yerevan to Stepanakert by bus, the woman from Artsakh said goodbye to her birthplace with her other compatriots and came to Armenia.

Irina Aghabekyan's family lives in Arzni. Karlen's health is satisfactory now.

 He attends school and has integrated into the new environment.

He attends school and has integrated into the new environment.