34 years ago, on February 27-29, pogroms and mass deportation of the Armenian population were organized in Sumgait

  • by Western Armenia, March 01, 2022 in Society

    On February 27-29, pogroms and mass deportations of the Armenian population took place in Soviet Azerbaijan, in the city of Sumgait. In this regard, in an interview with "Artsakhpress", the chairman of the NGO Scientific Center "Kachar", Professor Mher Harutyunyan, in particular, noted: "The analysis of eyewitness testimonies and events leads to the idea that the Sumgait genocide was organized by the authorities of the Azerbaijani SSR, whose purpose was to intimidate the Armenians, forcing them to retreat from the national liberation struggle of Artsakh. 

According to some analysts, the Genocide of Armenians was planned in Askeran, however, after meeting resistance on February 22, the crowd retreated. Azerbaijani authorities have chosen Sumgait. As you know, Sumgait was built and became the third city of Azerbaijan with the active participation of Armenians. 

The genocide in Sumgait was directed against the Armenians of Artsakh and Artsakh, and we will not be mistaken to consider the crimes of February 27-29 as the beginning of Azerbaijan's aggression against Artsakh. About 18 thousand Armenian refugees who escaped from the pogroms found refuge in the Armenian SSR and NKAO(Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast), as well as in other republics of the USSR (the  Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)."