429 People were Evacuated from Different Settlements of Lori and Tavush Regions

  • by Western Armenia, May 30, 2024 in Society

"On May 29, rescue operations resumed  75 rescuers, 13 combat units, and 3 operative groups from the Ministry of Internal Affairs'  went to the place". This was reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"According to the operational situation, search-rescue and urgent emergency-rehabilitation works are continuing, as a result of which rescuers and other involved forces have rescued and evacuated 429 people from different settlements of Lori and Tavush regions, namely, 387 people in Lori region, 42 people in Tavush Training.

4 bodies were found at the disaster site (Avag Avagyan, born in 1948, Saribek Balyan, born in 1985, Gnel Zakaran, born in 1964, Gagik Nazlukhanyan, born in 1964).

Currently, the evacuation of the residents of the Sanahin Station settlement, the drainage of water from the basements of the flooded buildings, as well as the removal of the blocked truck in the Haghpat settlement are being carried out.

Let's remind that in order to receive necessary and urgent information, the telephone number 911 of the rescue service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been announced as a hotline," says the message of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.