450 year old historical houses in Western Armenia withstood the earthquake

  • by Western Armenia, March 01, 2023 in Society

450 year old historical mansions in the city of Kharberd in Western Armenia are resistant to earthquakes.

During the last 3 years, more than 6 earthquakes have been recorded in Kharberd, 3 of them with high intensity. The mentioned historical mansions resisted all earthquakes. Following two major earthquakes recorded in Marash on February 6, thousands of houses were destroyed and thousands of people were killed and injured. Kharberd, which was shaken by a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in 2020, has also suffered greatly from these recent earthquakes. The number of damaged buildings exceeds 2,000. 

In contrast to this, the walls of the 450-year-old historic houses on the outskirts of Kharberd did not have even a small crack. The mansions, which were once built of mud bricks, were able to withstand earthquakes of varying intensity over the centuries.

No matter how many Turkish sources attribute the construction of these buildings to them, there is undeniable historical evidence that they were built by Armenians.