A conference at UCLA dedicated to art works stolen during the Armenian Genocide and reparations

  • by Western Armenia, February 01, 2024 in Society

WESTWOOD.- The "Khostum" Armenian Institute operating at the Los Angeles branch of the University of California (UCLA) informs that, a conference will be held on February 10 dedicated to the compensation of stolen works of art and damages during the Genocide commited against Armenian.

The acting  force of the conference started under the leadership of prof.Heghnar Vatnpau and prof. Michael Basiler  

whose goal is to create a system to ensure the return of stolen works of art during the Genocide commited against Armenian.

During the conference, a documentary film will be shown (for the public present in the hall), which will present the works done until then, and two discussions will be held.

Ambassador Stivrt Eisensdad is the main speaker. Lawyers Laurent Filtre and Rentl Schonprck, as well as detective-journalist Simon Maghakyan, will also make speeches.

The conference will take place in the "Lennard" hall of the "Fowler" museum of the university from 10 am to 5 pm.

To register, please come to the hall at 09:30. To follow the conference online or get more information, visit bit.ly/AGLA2024.

It is worth reminding once again that with regard to all works stolen during the  commited against Armenian in Western Armenia, only the Government of Western Armenia has the right to receive all restitution and/or compensation.