A rock-hewn  tomb was found  in the Kasakh gorge

  • by Western Armenia, February 17, 2024 in Society

In the area of ​​Ohanavan village, in the gorge of Kasakh , a rock-hewn tomb was discovered, which, according to the preliminary assessment of experts, is attributed to the early Christian period.

The tomb dates back to the early Christian era, which means that it is a great cultural value.

It is of inestimable value for all of us, as well as for professionals in the field.

In the near future, many studies will be carried out, , historical sources will be compared, as a result of which the true historical value of the tomb will be revealed.

The separation of the area is also highlighted by a number of interesting specimens that have been found.

Olive lamps and various clay objects were found, which the resident has already handed over to the relevant structures.

They will be cleaned, examined and handed over to a suitable museum. We hope that there will be new interesting discoveries as a result of the excavations.

After discussions in the expert committee, the monument will receive the status of a newly discovered monument.

In the first stage, an appropriate maintenance agreement will be signed by  the owner of the area, where his obligations will be recorded, and the next steps will be implemented based on the results of the studies.