About the problem of Western Armenia 

  • by Western Armenia, May 02, 2023 in Society

Even today, documents appear in the Turkish press which prove that the Islamization policy against the remaining isolated Christian Armenians in various provinces of Western Armenia has not stopped, which is also supported by various layers of society. 

Thus, in one of the publications of the Turkish newspaper "Huriyet", it is mentioned that 53-year-old Asatur, a resident of the village of Kapakli in Kastamonu, died in 2004. converted to Islam, taking the name of Ahmet Kazeroglu. Another resident of the same village, Namyk Ozcelik, 68, took a similar step. Unfortunately, Eastern Armenians are also noticed in the recent conversion processes of Armenians.For example: in 2009 Hermine Andranikyan, a citizen of Eastern Armenia, married Ersin Mant, a resident of Bursa, Turkey, changed his religion and adopted the name of Emine. 

One of the most complicated aspects of the problem of converted Armenians currently living in Western Armenia is the question of their numbers, as the presentation of accurate figures is associated with a number of obstacles. The figures in circulation range from hundreds of thousands to several million, but we tend to make more conservative estimates. Moreover, speaking of numbers, a distinction must be made between hidden and Islamized Armenians and their descendants, who are mixed, which further complicates the problem.