Long after the earthquake, debris accumulated in Samosat is still not removed

  • by Western Armenia, March 15, 2023 in Society

The village of Dilkan in Samosat province of Western Armenia was also hit by devastating earthquakes. Almost all the inhabitants of the village were forced to migrate, and the others cleared and opened the village road by their own efforts.

It is unfortunate that the competent bodies have not yet removed the rubble from the demolished buildings. The people of Samosat province are generally angry with the government. They note that the teams of the Emergency Situations Department came on the 6th day of the earthquake and only for some to clear a lot of rubble, after which the rescue and cleanup work was done by local residents and volunteers from surrounding provinces. Due to the lack of search and rescue teams, tens of thousands of people died and were buried in mass graves.

The people of Dilkan village specifically presented their ordeal in this way. “Our houses were destroyed, then it snowed, many people died, it became impossible to stay here. We used our means to remove the bodies from the rubble. The road to the village was impassable for three days. The bodies remained under the rubble for several days.”

The villagers’ demand is that the rubble be removed as soon as possible, the village roads be repaired and they themselves return to normal life.

  By occupying the territories of Western Armenia, the Turkish government is not providing assistance to the affected population, thus worsening the humanitarian crisis in Western Armenia