Akhtamar Island has been illuminated

  • by Western Armenia, December 27, 2023 in Society

Akunq.net informs that artificial lighting has been provided for Aghtamar Island and Holy Cross Church.

According to the source, Aghtamar Island, one of the most significant historical monuments of Van, included in the temporary list of UNESCO's world heritage, was presented  to the public in a new way, being equipped with artificial lighting.

Worth mentionning that the restoration on the Armenian Church of the Holy Cross of Aghtamar Island, located in Vani Gevash (Ostan) province, were started in 2005. In 2007 the church was opened as a "monument-museum".

Masses are allowed in this Armenian church only once a year. In the published photos, it is noticeable that the cross on the dome of the Armenian church is not illuminated.