An Armenian Khachkar – The company was established in Sint Niklaas, Belgium

  • by Western Armenia, March 24, 2023 in Society

The unveiling of the Armenian Khachkar was officially held in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Armenian Ambassador to Belgium Anna Aghajanyan, Armenian priests and others were present at the solemn ceremony.

"This Khachkar is very important for us," said the Nersisyan family of Sint-Niklaas, with whose support the monument was moved.

For us, this Khachkar is a way to talk to God. We have been thinking about erecting such a monument in Sint-Niklaas for a long time, but we did not know where to start. We are very happy to unveil the Khachkar today. Placing a stone next to the church is intentional, not only from a religious point of view, but also for security reasons.