An exhibition-mart of Artsakh women’s products was held in Yerevan

  • by Western Armenia, December 16, 2023 in Society

With the support of  Anna Astvataturyan Foundation and the initiative of the "Support Center for Artsakh Mothers" NGO, an exhibition-fair of Artsakh women's products was held in Yerevan on December 17. The founder of the NGO "Support Center for Artsakh Mothers" Mariam Abrahamyan stated in a conversation with journalist Hayk Harutyunyan.

The idea of ​​such an initiative was born back in Artsakh, during the siege, when most people lost their jobs.

We decided, because the road was open for a short time, and we could still bring something, and hold an exhibition-fair.

Everything was already planned, the mart  was a few days away, but the road was finally closed, and then we found ourselves in a situation , you know.

After some time, we realized that we cannot mourn and sit idly by for the rest of our lives, and we need to encourage and give strength to the women of Artsakh.

Then we decided to move the project here. We gathered women entrepreneurs and, as you can see, these   are full.

We hope that the stalls will be empty by the end of the day.

There are 55 participants, but there were more applicants, about 70, we had to choose. But hopefully the next fair will be bigger and more people will be able to sell their products.

We plan to hold the next mart  at the beginning of March."