An Inspiring story about the days of the blockade: Ani Hayrapetyan

  • by Western Armenia, March 08, 2024 in Society

Ani Hayrapetyan did not quit her job as a master of ceremonies for children's parties even during the blockade.

In the bombed, endangered  city  Ani's family found the strength not only to survive, but also to share their energy and warmth with their little countrymen.

During the celebrations of the last days, there was not even a feast, but the children had waited a year for their birthday and it was necessary to do everything to make them happy

Born in Gyumri, but having spent her entire conscious life in Artsakh, Ani chose her profession since childhood.

She and her husband took on the mission of entertaining children and created a family organization.

The main goal was to reach every community of Artsakh, to be everywhere where they were needed.

During the days of the blockade, they would walk from the village to the city in order to cheer up the birthdays celebrated without hospitality at least with the presence of a cartoon character.The days of forced displacement were full of difficulties.

“Our community, Berkadzor, was hit a lot, because there were two major military points, we didn't know where the next hit would be, but then we received an order to move to the main basement.

The village was being bombarded and we were trying to escape under the shells.

I was running with my child in my arms when I got exhausted and entered the neighbor's chicken coop. Then I learned that my sister reached the building where there were already injured.

Within the first hour we were evacuated from the village and taken to Stepanakert. We could no longer return to the village.

Only armed men remained there. The women were in the basement with their children...there was nothing to eat. Kind people brought something for the children to eat under the bomb blasts. On the night of September 28, we finally found fuel and left," she recalls.