Anahit Martirosyan, the First Female Commander of Artsakh War

  • by Western Armenia, February 28, 2024 in Society

Commander Anahit suffered clinical death and then suffered blindness for 6 months. a result of 12 operations, 24 fragments were removed from the body...

 The commander lieutenant of  "Anahit"   detachment Anahit Martirosyan once said:

"Participants in the war, male or female, are neglected in Armenia.

There are many good guys, people who bear the Armenian type, but there are also unworthy ones who don't even reach the border.

I had no idea that there could be the type of Armenian that we saw in the 44-day war. Our ancestors left us messages, that  we are a different nation: pure, correct, patriotic, we know how to appreciate our language and land.

When Leonid Azgaldyan was asked what color we had, they meant which party he belonged to, he answered that we had the color of our land. Turks will not enjoy our land. Developments in Azerbaijan today are much worse than in our country. The enemy tried to capture Jermuk, but as a result, he suffered having more than  thousand casualties."