Recognize Western Armenia: Nakhichevan

  • by Western Armenia, May 04, 2022 in Society

    The Nakhichevan region and the city of the same name occupy a significant place in the history of Western Armenia. Since the Neolithic period, a salt mine has been used in the vicinity of the city. The ancient area of the settlement of Astapat and other famous historical sites are known, which are witnesses of the oldest human habitation in this territory, the centuries-old culture that it created. 

Nakhichevan, being in the center of transit trade routes of the ancient world, has been one of the prominent social, political and cultural centers of the Armenian people since ancient times. On the territory of the Gavar villages and settlements, which are mainly located above the course of the Nakhichevan River and in the vicinity of the Araks River, a number of historical and architectural monuments have been preserved since ancient times and have reached our days.