“Ararat” Armenian Cemetery was Set on Fire in Fresno

  • by Western Armenia, April 16, 2024 in Society

The "Ararat" Armenian cemetery in the city of Fresno, California, United States, was set on fire.

This was reported by FOX 26 NEWS.

The Board of  Cemetery  is very concerned about  the  incidents which are considered as a crime. 

“As you can imagine, this is terribly upsetting for my board of directors, for the Armenian community, for my staff and myself. Our mission is to serve Armenian families with compassion in their time of need, keeping alive the memory of those buried here. The board, my staff and I take this mission very seriously," said Sherry Menning-Cartwright, director of the cemetery, not excluding that the incident is related to the Genocide Memorial Day, on  April 24.

Many prominent Armenian outstanding personalities are buried in this cemetery, including Soghomon Tehliryan, William Saroyan, Victor Maghakyan and others.

It is noted that eight trees were burned near the main entrance of the Armenian cemetery on Friday night. Fresno police and firefighters rushed to the place, but no arrests were made.

The fire was registered in the oldest part of the cemetery founded in 1885.

According to preliminary data, replacing the trees will cost 25 thousand dollars. The administration is not confident that insurance will cover the costs.